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Mini Car Jump Starter

Thismini car jump starter engine battery charger is the perfect accessory for your next car. Thispower bank can power your car's jump starter engine, allowing you to get it started again after a break in the weather. This battery is also compatible with the mini car jump starter engine from mini, so you can get your car going again right away.

Mobile Car Jump Starter

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Multi Functional Car Jump Starter

The multi functional car jump starter is perfect for starting engines in cars. This miniversion is allotted for small engines that don't have a traditional jump starter. This car jump starter is powered by a 20000mah battery and charges in just minutes. It has a long cord and is easy to use. this car jump starter power bank battery charger will allow you to charge your car's battery while it is on the go. The car jump starter power bank battery charger is also multi-functional, allowing you to flashlight, and jump start your car. This is a great accessory for your vehicle! thismini car jump starter is a powerful and easy to use jump starter that charges your mini car's battery. The jump starter can start your mini car by using the included 20000mah power bank battery. When the power bank is charged, the jump starter can start the mini car by using the included flashlight. thismini car jump starter is a portable, slim and fast jump starter that you can use anywhere in your car. The battery is a 20000mah power bank that charges your car's jump starter engine in minutes. The mini car jump starter also features a testament to car's final success. This jumped starter is made out of durable plastic and is designed to last for years of use.